You can find me on yelp. I've also included some stories from mothers I've worked with below.

Katie was a godsend to us! She noticed my son had a tongue tie, something none of the other lactation consultants at the hospital had caught. Not only did she discover this, she set up an appointment for us the next morning & we were able to take care of this right away! Nursing should not hurt & if you are feeling any pain Katie is your lady!
Nastsha and Baby Milan
Katie is the single reason I am breastfeeding my 6 week old son right now. She was the THIRD lactation consultant I saw and the only one who solved the problem of fixing my son’s inability to suck properly and extract milk from me. We switched bottle nipples to train him and after three days, he was a new baby. She was so compassionate, calm, non-judgmental and I would HIGHLY recommend her. My son had a gamut of issues.... tongue tie, suck reflex and I had low milk supply. Just two weeks after I saw her, we are exclusively nursing with no pumping. I am so grateful I met her.
Kelly and Baby Jack
Katie came to help us when we came home, and is the reason that we had such a smooth transition, into life with a baby. Katie is not only wonderfully calm, but she is a fountain of knowledge. Katie helps with learning to feed your baby, whatever way you choose to do this but surprisingly what is more important helps with all the day to day things, you never think of or know of. Katie helped us learn all those little things we needed to know, and helped mum get out into the real world and feed in public.
Nicole and Baby William
Five days after the birth of our daughter, I was having a lot of trouble breast feeding and was in excruciating pain. Lucky for me, my husband found Katie and with her help we were able to get back on track. I was at a painful, exhausted breaking point and Katie was able to come in, assess the situation, and devise a plan that put us on a path to success. I am now breast feeding pain-free and am so grateful that we were able to enlist the help of such a competent professional. I would whole-heartedly recommend Katie to friends, family, and any mother who is struggling.
Alyssa and Baby Stella
Katie, Katie, Katie - she’s a godsend!!! I was at my wits end dealing with my 2 abscesses healing and I needed some guidance for prevention. She was accommodating to my urgency and saw me 1st thing the next morning. She came right in and took action (in a non-aggressive way, she wasn’t grossed out or nervous), exactly what I needed since I was so nervous about the bandages and what not. I hadn’t nursed on this healing breast for 2 weeks because of the placement of one of the abscess and Katie was able to get the baby to nurse on this breast and got the milk to flow better.
Svetlana and Baby Ava