Hi There! I'm Katie Howser, a Lactation Consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My passion is to provide a helping hand to new parents as they transition into parenthood. My goal is to provide personalized care by sitting down and getting to know your family and your individual needs. My hope is to give parents a space where they feel comfortable to ask any question that's been on their mind. My philosophy is to support parents wholly in their parenting choices and to empower them with facts and current practices.



• Create a safe environment for you to ask any question on your mind. Details matter!

• Teach techniques so you can focus on feeling comfortable and bonding with your new infant.

• Build a lasting relationship and provide quality resources as questions come up.


I graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Communications and post-graduate work in Birth/Postpartum Doula and Lactation care. I continue to spend my time in a hospital setting at San Francisco General and Kaiser San Francisco working directly with hundreds of patients. I also provide in-home care, which I prefer. In a more intimate setting, we have more time and you can be more comfortable. Over the past four years, I have worked with more than 800 mother baby dyads and I love what I do!  


• Registered Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

• Postpartum Doula Certified through Doulas of North America (DONA)