Teething starts between 4 and 14 months, but for most infants teeth will start coming in around 5 to 8 months. Many moms are worried about what to expect when their babies first start to teethe and one main concern is that once there are teeth, there will be biting. The two bottom middle teeth are the first teeth that come in and are where the baby’s tongue lies when they are sucking. Since babies will not bite down on their own tongue, so you are protected.

One thing that will make teething more bearable is to have on hand a variety of teething toys, including toys that can be frozen or refrigerated and toys that have raised surfaces or bumps. These textures feel good on their tender and swollen gums.

What to do if your baby bites during a feeding session:

  • Pay attention to when your baby bites you. Is it near the end of the feeding? Often babies bite because they are bored and are just playing with the nipple.
  • Infants cannot suck and bite simultaneously, so end the feeding when your baby stops actively sucking.
  • I believe that if your baby does bite you, you should tell them, “No, that hurt. Please do not do that again.” Then wait a few minutes before you start feeding again or end the feeding.
  • Sometimes offering your infant a cool teething ring or chew toy before the feeding can help soothe their sore gums.

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